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Under The Tree ECD center burnt down

Under The Tree Early Childhood Development Centre was officially opened on 23 November 2016 and burnt down on 30 October 2017 due to an accident.

The beautiful building gone – so many of our dreams gone. How could it happen? In a few minutes all gone.
Would you donate for this project? That would be really great. Here are the bank accounts details:

South African account
Name of account:   UNDER THE TREE
Account no:  9330511849
Type of account: Savings account
Branch code: 632005
References for donations must be: YOUR NAME/UTT

​Dutch account
NL60 INGB 0000 0466 64 t.n.v. Stichting Kinderfonds MAMAS
References for donations must be: YOUR NAME/UTT

Problem statement

50 children who have been stimulated, cared for, played with and provided with 2 meals a day are now sitting at home. In the next paragraph you will read about our immediate plans and then the more long term plan.

Plans from here

  1. Children back at school
    We plan to transport the bigger children and educators to our office in Markman till the schools close. They will then be taught and fed as usual.
  2. The home stimulation
    The services to these chidren will continue as before. The little ones receive one meal and stimulation session 3 times a week.
  3. Santa Shoebox
    Santa Shoebox will be bringing each child a shoebox full of presents on Tuesday 7 November to our office. And the next day the classes will start.
  4. Christmas Holidays
    We will close our year’s activities with a graduation day! This will happen on the day the schools close for the year.
  5. Erecting a new building
    This entails thinking, planning, considering and consulting with the educators about what will be best in an informal settlement where we are not allowed to build a brick building

We are hoping to purchase containers to serve as classrooms


The following quote has been received from Containe Trust for 2 X 12 X 2.4m containers assebled together.

They convert as follows:

  • 4x larger windows like the one you see above with special burglar proofing
  • 1x door plus security gate
  • 2 whirly birds
  • Paint outside and inside
  • Assembled and welded together

If we order by the end of November they will do the conversion in December and the rest on-site in January.

This means we must raise R125 000 in the next month. We don’t pay VAT. Then we need equipment. The kitchen is still fully equipped.


1 2xContainers welded R   125 000
2 carpets R       3 000
Equipment Teaching R     12 000
Outside Porta Potty teachers R     10 000
Total Needed R   150 000


Will you please consider assisting us in building the centre again. Yes, we want to use containers for safety etc. We hope that we will be able to continue with our services at the beginning of next year. I am sure you all know that we at Under The Tree ECD Centre endeavours  to provide a safe, stimulating, and caring environment for pre-school children.

Our focus is to provide an encouraging educational experience while promoting social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. We are committed to the children and families we serve, we strive to give parents complete peace of mind, while being seen as a shining example of what a quality childcare center should be.


Tia Wessels
Director: Social work

Elise Mudde

About Elise Mudde

I am Elise Mudde, wife of Peter and mother of a lovely daughter Zara. This is a example of some information about he Volunteer.

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