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Creating unique life experiences through hosting volunteers in an authentic homestay experience.


A Home away from home for those looking to serve humanity.

Hope Volunteer has a range of affordable volunteer opportunities at our various partner projects, within Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Are you searching for a project for volunteering and a place to stay? Contact us!

Hosted hundreds of volunteers

We have hosted hundreds of volunteers who have served and had unique life experiences within community based projects located in Port Elizabeth within the broader Nelson Mandela Metropole.

More than 10 years experience

We have more than 10 years experience in hosting volunteers, as well as local and international guests from various walks of life.

Numerous lives have been impacted

Numerous lives have been impacted over the years, especially in the last eight years, through the involvement of our visiting volunteers and student interns

"Working at the projects in Motherwell teaches one to be grateful for what you have. Driving through the South African landscape is beautiful, but staying at Peter & Daphne is the ‘cherry on top’.
Jessie Jansen

Make a difference.
Change lives.

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