Frequently asked questions

There is a reason why our ‘motto’ is a “home away from home.”

We provide a comprehensive no-fuss, home-stay environment in which you can focus on your volunteer work and, after a rewarding day, return to a relaxing, warm and cosy second home. Volunteers who stay with us return again and again. We encourage you to read the testimonials of some of our volunteers to hear what they have to say about Hope Volunteers.

Go to our APPLY NOW page and we will respond within 24 hours.

Our first concern, as hosts, is your safety and comfort. We have, over the past eight years, offered safe accommodation to hundreds of volunteers, who have specifically chosen Hope Volunteer as a result of the positive accommodation experiences of previous volunteers. We are based in close proximity to the Greenacres hospital, police station and firestation, and have such and such phone numbers posted all over the house, with the knowledge that our guests might not know these health and safety resource numbers by heart when they arrive. In addition, we live in a separate unit on site and are available to 24/7 in the case of emergencies.

The only additional expenses will be for non-essentials, but which will certainly make your stay a little extra-special. These include personal expenses for trips, travel and tourism, entertainment, luxuries, gifts to take home , etc.

You are welcome to decide to come on your own, with a friend or in a group – it is your choice. However, we have found that it is better to come with a friend or in a group, so that you can share your experience with someone while here in South Africa, and when you return to your country. This is a life-changing experience, which is sometimes best shared with someone who has seen, heard and felt what you have.

You would need to check with the South African consulate/embassy page for your country to identify which visa applications you should make dependent on your stay.

Obtaining cash is very easy. There are more than four major banks in South Africa, and the banking industry is heavily regulated and internationally recognised. Every bank has both physical branches (where you can go in to withdraw money safely), as well as Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), which are easy to use. There are also foreign exchange centres at all banks and in major shopping centres.

South Africa is a warm, sunny country with many days of sunshine in the year.

Port Elizabeth is a coastal city, and boasts some of the best beaches in the country.

Most volunteers choose to do activities involving the outdoors when they are not working. This includes the simple pleasures of relaxing in the sun on the spacious, leafy terrace at Hope Volunteers, or on one of the sandy beaches, or turn up the excitement and go on day or weekend trips.

Port Elizabeth is a good starting point for a trip down the Garden Route or even up the Sunshine Coast. We are located in close proximity to a number of game reserves and other outdoor activities.Most volunteers plan ahead and take time out to travel and see some of the special places South Africa is well known for, for example a personally-guided weekend tour of Cape Town with one of the most-loved guides you will meet, Clive Stadler!

Travel insurance and medical aid are important to have in the case of any eventuality, etc