UBOMI OBUTSHA CENTRE, situated at 164 Salamantu Street, Besuthweni, Kwazakhele Township, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, aims to see the vulnerable children of their community develop into adults with good values and wholesome characters who will become citizens that contribute to society with competence.

You as a VOLUNTEER / INTERN will assist with basic care activities of Educare children

*Assist and possibly prepare and lead physical, cognitive and emotional development activities of Educare children;

*Assist and possibly prepare and lead youth life skills clubs in the afternoons

*Assist children with school homework and tutoring in the afternoons

*Work in the Food Garden

*Assist with general maintenance and upkeep of the building. It is not required that ALL volunteers are involved in ALL of the tasks. Volunteers can choose their areas of participation.

Besuthweni is an area initially settled with people of the Basotho tribe during the time of the apartheid forced settlements. The area is now very cosmopolitan and the dominant language is an urbanised version of isiXhosa. Most residents do speak English as a second language. The area is densely populated and characterised by high unemployment levels and low educational and skills levels. There is a fairly good infrastructure of roads, electricity, drinking water and telecommunications.

UBOMI OBUTSHA CENTRE (UOC) services between 600 and 800 children each month. 415 children are currently living in homes characterised as being “at risk”. No children reside at the project. The project is assisted with 18 Community workers; and 5 local community volunteers who each volunteer once a week.

UOC and the community it serves, faces financial, exposure & educational challenges. Very little of what UOC does generates a direct income. The project was founded by and is predominantly reliant on financial donations of those who identify with the aims of the project. International volunteers are encouraged to share the story of UOC in their home towns and raise funds for its work. Because of the restrictions during apartheid, the worldview of those living in the townships became very small and this mindset persists today. International (and Local) Volunteers are able to bring the world “out there” to people who do not have the resources to explore it for themselves. International Volunteers can bring their life-experience to positively influence the life experience and general education of the children serviced by UOC.

VOLUNTEERS / INTERNS quickly become part of the team, and learn to work with a culturally diverse group. They learn to communicate and present to groups, who are culturally different, in ways that they can understand.

Appropriate time is given for International Volunteers to just settle in. Continuous and open communication is encouraged. ‘Sit-down’ meetings are held with the director and/or the project manager at least once a week to fully discuss any issues that might arise.

“To care for the poor is not an act of charity
.... it is an act of justice!”

Nelson Mandela





BECOME a part of their team

  • offer any particular skill whether it be the hand of friendship, admin skills, marketing skills, any health science skill, social work skills, any teaching skills, sport skills
  • create ways to make life a little brighter for those your serve
  • have great interaction with new cultures
  • bring your world into their world!


A truly life changing experience through LEARNING:

  • about new cultures
  • to work and communicate with a culturally diverse group
  • to share your experiences and culture with them
  • to work with adults and children with disabilities from a different culture
  • to become part of a team
  • to love and to care
  • to know that you HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE!